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Vivid personalities, energetic music, Slavic spirit. That’s the shortest possible description of SLOVIANY – one of the most interesting folk rock bands in Poland.

 Their music would attract everybody - we are sure you won’t be strong enough to stay motionless at SLOVIANY’s concert . The band consists of six professional Polish, Ukrainian and French musicians, three of them singing. They use various instruments: famous on East Europe accordion and violin, but on the other hand they support all of this with heavy electric and bass guitar and also modern rhythmes of drums. The female vocalist has an unusual folk voice you could not find anywhere throughout the Europe. Lately rock guitar and Hutsul rhythms from Carpathian mountains became the predominant element in their new arrangements. 

“Hi! We are group of friends playing music we like the most.                                                                              

We write our own songs, and we play our own arrangements of folk songs from Slavic and Balkan countries, mixing energetic folk with rock instruments and sound. We sing in Ukrainian, Polish, Macedonian and even Georgian. “

 The band was created in 2012 by married couple from Ukraine. The name of band means “Slavic crew” and it is very closely related to the music SLOVIANY is playing. 

SLOVIANY has performed at many concerts and festivals all over Poland, where they come from. They were highly appreciated in Must Be The Music Poland 2014 acquiring the best possible score from jury after their performance. 

Currently the band consists of six members:

Iryna Dracz - vocals
Oleksandr Dracz - accordion
Maciej Kita - guitar, vocals
Agnieszka Plewińska - violin
Paweł Mazgaj - bass, vocals
Mykola Khomutov – drums